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Isabelle Meulnet,
Holistic Health Care Practitioner
I am passionate about the exploration and evolution of human consciousness. I believe that body-energy work can be used as a doorway to access a greater consciousnsess: the source within that heals all wounds. I know that to become whole we need to unify the physical with the spiritual aspects of who we are; we need to reclaim and integrate all the pieces of our body,psyche, soul and spirit.
This has been my journey!
I offer long distance healings as well as "in person"sessions, in my Montpelier office and in march 2016- Fridays only- in a Burlington office.
My bio
I graduated from the Vermont Pathwork Helpership Development Program in 2008 and became a full Helper in 2010. I am a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing ( 2002) , as well as a bodyworker who graduated from the Universal Institute of Healing Arts in 1997. I also have taken Levels 1 and 2 of the Cranio-Sacral Training of the Upleadger Institute ( 2006-2008), as well as Levels 1 and 2 of Regression Therapy  (Roger Woolger's training- 2017)

I am currently in private practice both in in Montpelier and in Burlington ( Vermont Center for Integrative Therapy - , where my focus is on working with intentionality to facilitate the merging of consciousness and energy as a tool for healing and transformation. 

As a co-leader of Pathwork Vermont , I work with and teach individuals, classes and groups, in Montpelier and Burlington, Vermont.

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Isabelle has been in part responsible for my growth & development over the past twelve years or so, as well as catering to my health & well being, in her energy massage sessions and our discussions which accompany them.
Over time I was able to open up to her and together we found the sources of old hurts and habits. These can sit in your body for decades but can be unlocked through repeated and dynamic massage; in my opinion in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments and also that both be a regular part of a health regimen. The physical & psychic relief of understanding old tensions & aches and letting them go is priceless.
Isabelle has shown me how to better respond to situations and trends rather then react to them based on childish ego. I have felt myself become more measured, more tranquil, more willing to find the flow and go with it.
Isabelle’s massage is a time of retreat & renewal for me. Her touch brings relief & rejuvenation. She is my Sister Confessor.
I love being “noodled” by les mains magnifiques de Mademoiselle Meulnet!

Alan M.
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